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Inspiring and creative garden solutions

We can offer everything from a garden design and build service, re-vamping the planting in your borders or advice on garden problems.

Designing a garden is a process, during this service I will visit your garden and carry out a site survey, taking measurements, sampling soil and taking account of everything that may affect the final garden.


We will meet to discuss your "brief", identifying exactly what you would like from your garden. We may look at brochures, images and gardens I have designed in the past. Sharing a Pinterest board sometimes helps with this process


I will draw some concept plans based on your wishes and the site survey with layout options for you to choose from.


From the agreed preferred layout I will draw a final full layout plan of your new garden to include all dimensions to scale of the features and landscape specifications. This plan can then be used to cost and plan for landscaping.


You may also require a planting plan drawing for the garden with all plants named and placed on the plan. Some customers do not opt for this service, if you ask us to plant your garden I will instead provide a planting specification, listing all of the plants along with a care calendar.

If you are happy with your garden layout but simply want to improve the planting I can use my horticultural expertise to help.


We will meet to discuss your project and talk about what you like about your border and what you would like to change.


I will survey your border, identifying plants that could stay or be re-used and ones that might go. Also noting any problems in the border to be overcome.


Using this information I will produce a planting design sketch of your border, with all plants positioned and named in full. You may also ask for detailed instructions on how to prepare your border for re-planting and how to plant yourself, along with a care calendar.


Additionally I can clear and plant up the border for you. We can supply all plants and ensure that the plants thrive for many years.

Advice we can provide can include;


Pruning overgrown or badly growing trees and shrubs including fruit trees


How to deal with plant problems; pests, diseases, disorder or weeds


Gardening more sustainably; how to have a zero waste garden or attracting garden wildlife


Looking after ponds or water features and aquatic planting


Costs for advice are charged on an hourly basis and may be given during a visit to the garden or through an easy to follow instruction pack. Or you may decide that you would like us to come and sort out the problem for you, which is what we love to do!

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Garden Design Planning


Every garden and customer is different, working with you I will design a garden which meets you and your family’s needs and is a pleasing experience to be in and look at.

Border planting and design


Plants are the heart of a good garden, they provide colour and interest all year and are the background to the many ways we use our gardens.

Garden advice and consultation


As an experienced and knowledgeable horticulturalist and garden designer I can help with specific problems areas in your garden